Ginny Ross Thanks to Barry and Órla

The Comfort Craft table offers a new sense of comfort and aids in the relaxation process.

A flat table puts the lower back in compression, but with just the touch of a button, the Comfort Craft table relaxes the pressure on the lower back by raising the mid-split to 9 or 10 degrees. By releasing the compression from the lower back, this area can now fully relax, allowing the therapist to open up the back area with little effort. Relaxation is enhanced in the shoulders and upper body by bringing the arms forward and resting the forearms on the multi-positional adjustable arm rests. The client can adjust their arm positions during treatment for maximum support and comfort. The whole face is supported with an adjustable headrest. As the back decompresses and opens up, the head must have room to move forward and not be jammed into a face pillow. The full-face pillow and sliding headrest offer greater comfort during a treatment as the client’s head can float in and out to improve decompression of the spine.



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