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Declan Hyde - Cyclist

Declan Hyde - Cyclist

"Ginny Ross - What can I say about this lady?

I approached her with a broken body including several hip surgeries and she embraced this challenge in a very caring and professional manner. The attention to detail on the treatment table and advice given was second to none.
Ginny has helped immensely in managing my pain thresholds through her extensive treatments and I am forever grateful for what she has and is doing for me.

Thank you Ginny for everything and I commend you for the professionalism you have shown in dealing with my situation. I would most certainly recommend your treatments  

Liam Dillon, Ironman

"I had been through the Physio but I still wasn't happy, running still hurt a lot.!! what was driving this poor running form?

All background checks were fine I felt I needed to try something different. Most of the issues were hip and lower back related. There was not much time to play around with. Training was ramping up and the workload increasing through the summer…Would I make it to the start day? This was my biggest hurdle, let alone the race. So for me I took the leap and met with Ginny and within a few weeks I could feel this was the right choice.

We worked on 3D hip movement release methods and stretching specific to my issues. I went to the Lost Sheep Half Distance National Championship in September feeling very positive about running to back it up I had a strong half distance run on a very testing route..1:41 off the bike is the fastest I’ve run in 3 yrs in Kenmare and recovered well ..the legs are holding up to everything I've thrown at them over the last few months. Without Ginny’s expertise I don't think I would have got to the 1st of October and be able to run a marathon off the bike.

I can’t say enough about how Fascial Stretch Therapy has helped not just my legs but hips lower back and core….

All going well I will return to Limerick marathon next year.."

Lena O'Connor, Tennis Player

"I always find fascial stretching very beneficial and therapeutic but particularly while I was rehabbing after surgery on my back, micro discectomy on L4-5. Ginny is an absolute professional and gives great care and guidance at all times."

Tommy O'Donnell - Munster Rugby Player

Limerick Sports Therapy

“I have benefited massively from fascial stretching both from a recovery aspect from games and increasing my flexibility. Rugby, being a collision sport, can leave the body feeling sore, sometimes to the middle of the week after a tough weekend game. I felt fascial stretching resets me both mentally and physically at the beginning of the week. From the beginning to the end of the session, there is a marked increase in the range of motion I’m able to move through. I really like the anchoring of one leg to target the tissues allowing them to be stretched at different angles. My adductors have particularly benefited from this.” 

Joan Griffin - Triahlete

Limerick Sports Therapy

"Myofascial unwinding is a rhythmic systematic and progressional treatment with controlled breathing, providing a holistic approach, it targets fascia, muscles groups and muscles which are in need of stretching, but impossible to target on my own. It certainly decreases the risk of injury and promotes recovery. It is very enjoyable, I leave feeling much younger with a pep in my step. I always enjoy my next training session afterwards."  Joan Griffin 

Kieran Curtin - Triathlete & Iron Man

Limerick Sports Therapy

"As a late starter to Triathlon I have picked up many injuries through training and racing in all three disciplines. I have been receiving sports massage treatment from Ginny for about 18 months now. She has helped me through several injuries and also prepared me for many races. Her commitment to solve your problem is quite remarkable. I also receive myofascial work and Fascial Stretch Therapy from her all of which I believe is essential maintenance for long term training." 

Maura O'Roirdan - Marathon Runner

Limerick Sports Therapy

"Ginny Ross has helped me to prepare for the Dublin Marathon through incorporating fascial stretching into my training program. This has helped me to remain flexible, light on my feet and injury free throughout the 20 week program. My half and 20 mile times have also improved significantly since incorporating this stretching into my regular training program. I would highly recommend Ginny to anyone wishing to improve their flexibility and running times, while preventing injury."  Maura 

Maeve O'Connell - Sports Enthusiast

Limerick Sports Therapy

“As an amateur sports enthusiast I have endured many injuries over the years. I have found Ginny’s deep tissue massage techniques extremely beneficial during training periods and in the off season. More recently I have received Fascial  Stretch Therapy from Ginny and this has led to a tremendous improvement in my general well being. These stretches have improved my muscle flexibility and I recover more quickly from injuries. It is truly a liberating feeling to step off the treatment table after a Fascial Stretch Therapy treatment – my whole body is loose, flexible and invigorated” 

Michelle Fahy - Basketball Player

Limerick Therapy Sports

"While playing in a European basketball tournament I tore my hamstring badly in a fall. Sitting down, walking etc was a problem and after getting physio treatment I felt like I needed something more. Ginny Ross was recommended to me, thankfully. Because of Ginny's hands-on treatment and her thirst for further educating herself on new treatment techniques, I was back playing in a couple of months. As my recovery was progressing I received Fascial Stretch therapy and this greatly increased my flexibility. I would highly recommend Ginny for treating current injuries and to anyone interested in injury prevention." 

Nicky Sweeney - Freelance Violinist & Member of The Irish Chamber Orchestra

Sports Therapy

"Having tried many therapists over the last twenty years, I have never found anyone with Ginnys' expertise. Her knowledge of the muscles and the way in which the body functions at its best is incredible. As a violinist, particularly repetitive strains are part of the course but Ginny has genuinely helped me with posture as well as general muscular relaxation. I would not hesitate to recommend Ginny to anybody."

Lindsay Mitchell

"I'd been experiencing intermittent hip pain for several years which had recently intensified and was impacting badly on my mobility.   After the first four sessions of stretch therapy and myofascial release with Ginny, my range of motion and flexibility had increased greatly, my posture had noticeably improved and I could walk without pain. I had hoped for some pain relief but didn't expect to make such gains in flexibility. I really appreciated Ginny's commitment to improving my well being and her expertise with these fascial stretch techniques." Lindsay Mitchell

Sarah Corey - Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor

"Ginny is an excellent therapist. As a yoga teacher I look for other specialists who have a passion for human mechanics and can provide things for the body yoga can't do. Ginny is one of these!"

Darragh Droog (Altitude Training Centre)

"Had a great fascia stretch session with Ginny. I train up to 12 times a week so this has been a great help and improvement in my hip flexibility."

Emma Nailerz O’Brien

"I have had surgery and long standing (pardon the pun) issues with my legs over the years, resulting in an imbalance and over compensation on one side of my body. Ginny worked on both of my legs doing the same stretches but with emphasis on different parts of each leg as they both have different problems occurring. I found my stance felt much more centred and solid after just one session so far. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone looking to get their body moving more fluidly, not just athletes.

Thanks again, Ginny!"

Philip Manuel

"Attention Athletes, Office Athletes & Drivers. You Train hard, eat right, but the more you train the more stiffness seems to set in? When you train something holds you back, like your wasting energy, the tightness is working against you.  And to make matters worse most of sit for 8 hours a day or more. Working with Ginny has helped me improve mobility, improve recovery and started me down a road to a more flexible and healthier body system.

Highly recommend - a missing component. Particularly good for endurance sports people marathoners, triathletes, adventure racers."

C Hanrahan

"I had suffered with Rheumatoid Arthritis for 14 years and was in despair with traditional approaches to pain management that had left me with limited mobility and lasting joint damage.  I discovered the benefits of fascial stretching therapy and myofascial work which have not only improved my flexibility and strength but have helped me regain mobility in joints previously fused with arthritis.  The discovery that releasing fascial restrictions can in turn release joint restrictions, has been life changing for me.  Over the course of a few months with Ginny’s expert treatment I have gone from struggling with everyday tasks, to deadlifting above my own body weight; a feat I never would have thought possible.  Ginny’s treatment sessions always leave me rejuvenated; she is dedicated to her clients and always seeking out relevant research and self-treatment techniques that can support me on my journey towards improved health. I count myself blessed to have found Ginny and would highly recommend her to anyone interested in improving their mobility, strength and wellbeing."


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