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First move well, then move often" - Gray Cook 


I have been treating sports and general injuries since 2001 and work with different types of athletes in all sports of different levels, both for prevention/maintenance and rehabilitation. I also work with clients who suffer from occupational or repetitive injures, chronic pain and stiffness, such as musicians or office workers.  Click here for testimonials

Achieving full 3d functional range of motion is an important base line for all treatment which consists of traditional physical/soft tissue therapy and Fascial Stretch Therapy (a specialised table based assisted stretching).  It is for me to identify the cause of your problem, treat accordingly and for you to work with me towards achieving your goals.

 I undergo regular training Internationally to keep up to date with the latest techniques and treatments.

Everyone’s experiences and problems are uniquely individual and I respect that a safe, professional and confidential environment is an essential part of trust, relaxation and the process of healing.
I am always available for advice on (087) 6209541 with regard to any enquiries you have re injuries or treatment.


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Orthopedic Massage 


Is the therapeutic assessment, manipulation and movement of soft tissue to eliminate pain. It is more than a technique, involving thorough functional assessment using a multi-disciplinary approach designed specifically for each clients' clinical condition.


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Facial Stretch Therapy

Is a unique system of table based assisted stretching that targets the connective tissue (or fascia) in multiple planes and angles to significantly increase range of motion and flexibility. Pain free stretching is achieved by working with your nervous system and using the breath to disarm guarding patterns...


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Phone: 087 620 9541  /  Email: ginny@limericksportstherapy.com 

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